Tina + Nico

Had this engagement session in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. Tina + Nico are such a sweet couple. I am truly looking forward to their wedding next month! One more month guys! 

Nathan + Bianca

Nathan + Bianca had a beautiful wedding in San Diego, California.  It started off at the Mormon Temple followed by the reception in La Jolla. Their love made the day so magical.  Everyone present could feel their genuine love for each other.  I felt so honored to be a part of it. May you live happily ever after. 

Sonya + Juan Engagement Session

We started our session at San Juan Capistrano Mission and ended at the beautiful scenic fields of flowers that San Juan has.  The love and respect this couple has is easily capture.  They were fun, genuine and playful! Can't wait for their wedding! 

Carlos + Alicia's Wedding Anniversary

I had the honor of photographing Don Carlos and Dona Alicia's wedding anniversary this weekend.  They met in Oceanside more than 50 years ago and decided to renew their vows in the city where it all began.  The ceremony took place at Mission San Luis Rey.  They had a meaningful blessing at the church and celebrated the night away with all of their loved ones. Cheers to love!

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